The Fashion Models Lifestyle

Fashion models' lifestyles are filled with excitement and challenge. Fashion models' lifestyles are "lived in the fast lane" with photo shoots, hair stylists, high fashion clothing and fashion photographers. It all sounds great and it is, however a model must work as though she is running a business and she is the product that others want.

Most supermodels started their careers by being recruited by modelling scouts who roam around the country in a tireless search for fresh faces. Other models have sent a few simple photographs of themselves with a natural face, tight jeans and simple top with medium heels. Others have been signed up at agencies' open castings. Some supermodel's have also been lucky: Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen were discovered by Mario Testino, one of the most respected names in the world of fashion photography.

Fashion week – New York, Paris, London, Milan

Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Irina Shayk, and Miranda Kerr are fashion models who have walked the runways in New York, Paris, London and Milan. A glimpse behind the scenes of their lifestyle is always fascinating. Fashion week in these cities are full of glamour and excitement of that world, but there are also times of tedium and exhaustion that go hand-in-hand with travelling on planes and sitting endlessly in make-up chairs. All enjoy the large pay-checks and free clothes that for them balances out the troubling realities of an industry that prizes youth and thinness. For these women, being a fashion model is not a dehumanizing way to make a living as a voiceless mannequin. They enjoy their job and enjoy meeting other people in the fashion industry whether dress designers, photographers, editors, agents, other models and professionals in the industry..

Typical lifestyle

The typical lifestyle of a normal working model is not quite as glamorous on a day-to-day basis. A model has to take care of herself and maintain a positive and professional attitude. A typical day in the life of a model begins early with a trip to the gym and training for at least thirty minutes before a calorie controlled breakfast including meat and an egg for protein to give her energy. At 9am she may have her first casting of the day. This is where she has an appointment to see if she can win the job in the time allotted. She shows her model portfolio and leaves a comp card and her business card with the casting agent.

Travelling to another casting takes time and money. If the model has a fashion fitting, the agents will want to make sure the garment will look good, sit well and she can walk the runway to perfection.

Lunch is another high protein meal to give lots of energy without adding fat. The shoot is for a minimum of 3 hours. Hair is done by the stylist and then make up, which can take an hour or more.

The photo-shoot finishes in late afternoon and she calls her agent. Her agent tells her that she has won one job from yesterday and it went well this morning, but with no answer on casting as yet.

She ends her day having made just over $500 for the day after costs. Her evening meal is a salad as she needs to keep her weight low. The evening is spent on the internet catching up with the latest shoe and lingerie styles. Her lingerie is still on trend, but she orders a pair of shoes to keep ahead of the fashion scene. She orders online because she doesn't want to buy a shops selling last seasons fashion. She needs seven hours sleep to allow her body to rest and rejuvenate, ready to repeat the casting process in the hope she will be picked for another role, which means she is in bed by 11pm. That is the lifestyle of a fashion model.


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