For centuries individuals and societies have used clothing and body decoration to indicate occupation, rank, gender, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is not just about clothes, but hairstyles, body art, shoes, bags, jewellery and beauty products. Fashion is a measure of the cultural, social and psychological mood of the region, but can also describe clothing worn as a trend by many people in a country.

There are many reasons behind our choice of fashion, the principal being that our choice defines our personality for changing situations. We get our first impressions from the clothes the people we meet are wearing. These impressions can include the person's status and occupation or whether the person conforms to their peers norms. Fashion is also an important means of self-expression. Fashion also helps us identify with people like us whether that's in terms of lifestyle, religion, profession or attitude.

Designer clothes

Each season brings into fashion a particular color and style. Fashion houses create latest trends through the media portrayal of their designer clothes, but it's usually models and celebrities who lead the fashion trends.

Fashion is a world of change. Designer clothes collections in Paris, New York, Milan and London give a forecast of what will be in style each season. If a particular clothing item or accessory is worn by a well-known person it usually becomes a trend for those who follow them. There are fashion designers who specialise in different areas. Hugo Boss for tailored business clothes and designer jeans. Marc Bouwer collection of stunning evening-wear to make you look and feel like one of the Hollywood greats, if you want something really special, look at his glamit range. Fred Perry for casual wear. These designs are copied by the high street retailers for the budget-conscious buyer and some, including Marc Bouwer affiliated designs with external outlets to create more affordable editions of the clothes they sell direct.

Wedding dresses

One of the most important dresses a woman will buy in her life is her wedding dress. The choices for a wedding dress are seemingly endless with designs by Anne Barge, Tony Ward, Elizabeth Fillmore, Vera Wang, Pnina Tournai, Mark Zunino, Dennis Basso and hundreds of others. You can pay more than US$30,000 for a wedding dress, or take the idea from the designer for a similar design in-store at your local mall for something more suitable to your budget. Your wedding dress can be a sheath style, A-line, mermaid, fit-and-flare, princess/ball gown, cocktail length, tea length or perhaps a jumpsuit style. Of course you can hire a designer to make a dress for you. Marc Bouwer created the wedding dress for the late Whitney Houston and even walked her down the aisle. Whilst aspiring to such heights, it's likely most of us mortals don't have the budget to match, but the range of designer clothes available give us all an idea as to the sort of dress we would love to wear for our 'one moment in time'.

Designer clothes make us feel good. They fit perfectly and are timeless, making them a good investment. Find a good designer that suits your style and you'll need just a few items to have a great capsule wardrobe for all occasions. Buy end of season or buy online for bargains.

Major trends in textiles and clothing

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The Fashion Models Lifestyle

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The Biggest Names In Fashion

Fashion models' lifestyles are filled with excitement and challenge. Fashion models' lifestyles are "lived in the fast lane" with photo shoots, hair stylists, high fashion clothing and fashion photographers. Read more...